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* The school program runs from September until June, with breaks for school closings and holidays. 

The Dance Training at MFBS has been designed into levels appropriate to the: age, maturity and expertise of each student. It is not depend just on age or school grade, but also on ability, strength, the developmental and physical issues of the individual dancer. Placement at the right and most beneficial level of training is key to a dancer's development! The children should be placed in a right class by the opinion of the Teachers for the purpose of the individual dancer’s progression!

* Our smaller classes sizes allow students to receive more individual attention from teachers, and as a result they progress at faster rate than those in a large class environment.

* Color uniforms for Classical Ballet depends on the class level. It is preferable to buy them at the School "Boutique for Dance and Sport Supplies and Gifts" to be identical with the other students in class. 


                                                         G I R L S

  MOMMY & ME- age 2-3; 30 min. class - This type of class is designed for toddlers and includes mom or dad with the little dancer, where the parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping the little dancer on track, and to enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, exercises, movement, balance and the basic dance steps, introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner. Dancers discover creativity, explore flexibility and build self confidence through movement.

 CREAT. MOVEMENT- age 4-5; 45 min. class  The term 'Creative Movement' is used to describe the basics of dance such as: Listening to the music and learning to use their bodies to move with it. The young dancers will start learning key motor skills, listening skills, and work on following directions. In a Creative Movement class, children are introduced to beginning dance steps in a fun recreational way and explore body movement through music. The children are introduced to the basic concepts of rhythm and  movement  using creative games that expand their individual creativity. They will learn special awareness, listening skills, group socialization and structure. They will strengthen their bodies and learn coordination to prepare themselves for the next level in dance

 PRE-BALLET-age 6-7; 45 min. class - This level introduces the fundamentals of a structured ballet class in a noncompetitive way. The children will gain confidence as they learn the vocabulary of ballet, basic exercises and stretches; Ballet Barre and center exercises; basic jumps and turns, also basic terminology. 

   BEGINNER BALLET- age 8-9, 1 hr. class

 BALLET 1 - age 10-11, 1 hr. class 

  BALLET 2 - age 12-13, 1hr.15 min. class 

 BALLET 3-age 14, 1hr. 15 min. class

 BALLET 4 - age 15, 1 hr. 30 min. class   BALLET 5- age 16- and older; 1hr.30 min. class 

 PRE-POINTE 1- age 9-11, 30 min. class

POINTE 2 & 3- age 12-14, 30 min. class​

  POINTE 4- age 15, 45 min. class

 POINTE- age 16 and older, 45 min. clas

                                                                            B O Y S                                        
                                        C O M P A N Y           
All the students should elevate to higher levels at the conclusion of each year, in a systematic and progressive manner!

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