School Policies and Procedures Form

 Please read this form, so you are familiar with MFBS policies. We strive for a positive experience.

                                                                 Tuition & Payment Policies

Registration Fee

* There will be an annual Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $25 per student.

* The Registration Fee is for School year September. 2019 to June.2020 and is required at the time of registration, as follows: 

$25 for an individual dancer, $40 for 2 dancers, and $55 per family with more than 2 dancers. The Summer Semester have registration fee of $15. There will be NO Registration fee if you register for the next School Year during the Summer Classes.

Full Tuition:

* Tuition may be paid in installments, or pre-paid in full. 

Option one: Pay in Full(save more) the Registration Fee is included

Option two: Two installments(save a little); Second payment is due by January.31 

Option three: Three installments(full Tuition); Second payment is due by November.30; Third payment is due by January.31 

* Families who choose to pay for their annual tuition in full by August.01, will receive a 10% Discount.

* If you chose Option two or three, first payment will include the Registration Fee

* Payment Methods: For your convenience we accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and online payments.

Insufficient funds:

* Insufficient funds and Re-Deposit bank fees: Checks returned as uncollectible for any reason will be charged a fee of $30- insufficient fund bank charge, and will be due in the event a check is returned to us not funded. After two returned checks, MFBS reserves the right not to accept checks  on the account. 

* A $25 Re-Deposit bank fee will be due in the event our bank must re-deposit your check, as we get charged for re-deposits 

* Payments more then 10 days past due will be charged a late fee of $20 per month. MFBS reserves the right to drop a student from class/school if their account is more than 30 days past due. 

General Payment information

* MFBS has NO REFUND Policy on all payments! Absolutely NO REFUNDS!

Refunds on the rest of the tuition will be possible only in case of Emergency withdrawal and after the amount and the date will be discussed with staff and Director of MFBS. There is a one-month cancellation fee when a student drops a class. A written request is necessary! 

* Payments are not subject to refunds, credits or pro-rating for either lessons missed. For classes misses, classroom credit only, such as make up classes. 


* It is important that all students attend class on a regular basis. Punctual and regular class attendance is extremely  important to the development of

the dancer. Please notify the school by phone or e-mail when the student will be absent at least a day in advance. Missed classes may be made up(limit 4 classes per year). Make up classes may be taken within the same Semester.

Make- up classes are strongly encouraged! There are NO REFUNDS for snow days, sick days, holidays or missed classes!

* If we are closed due to the inclement weather, you may make-up your class at your convenience. There are NO REFUNDS for snow day, sick day, holiday! Student may make up in another class promptly. Classes canceled by MFBS for different reasons will be rescheduled if possible.

* Please, be on time!

* If you are 10 min. late you will be asked to observe the class, more then 15 min. late for a class you will be asked to sit out! NO exceptions!

Annual Concert-Recital:

* MFBS students will have the opportunity to perform in an annual Concert-Recital(June), which requires the purchase of a costume as determined by your teacher. Costumes will be ordered in December. The average price of the Ballet Costumes range from $50.00-$75.00. Costumes payments are due at the time of order and are non-refundable! Deposits are due January. 30. 2020, balance due February. 28. 2020

* Ticket prices, venue location and date will be announced March, 2020

Picture Day:

* In the Spring(when receiving the costumes) all the students will take individual and class pictures in their Recital costumes. It is not mandatory to attend, but all students are encouraged to take at least their class pictures. There is never an obligation to buy.

General Rehearsal: 

* General(Stage Rehearsal) is mandatory for all students performing in the annual Concert-Recital!


* MFBS is not responsible for children before and/or after classes or rehearsal time has ended

* MFBS is not responsible for personal property, lost or stolen items, or personal injury associated or sustained while participating in class or any activities in conjunction with classes 


* Free trial class is only once per year.

*Classes will be opened for observation once a Semester, the date will be announced.

*Holiday closures follow the calendar of the public schools in the area. In the case of inclement weather, classes will be canceled if schools are closed.   

* MFBS reserves the right to place students according to age, and based on technical level, ability, and experience(rather than age), so some students could be placed an year ahead or to repeat one more year in the same level.

* Absolutely NO food or drinks in the Ballet Room! Water is allowed in the Dressing Room and in the Waiting Ares before and after the class.

*Zero tolerance policy on bullying and teasing!

*Please, be prepared for class with the proper dress code! If you do not have the correct shoes or attire, you will be asked to observe the class or sit out. Please, put your name on all your shoes and clothes.

*If your child will not be in class you must call the school(MFBS) to let us know in advance

*The schedule is subject to change according to enrollment

* If you would like to see a class offered at another day and time, please call or e-mail or call with your suggestions

* It is recommended that those students, age 6 and above, take two classes a week and age 9 and above, take at least 3 classes a week in order to progress.

* It is Mandatory for Pre-Pointe and Point students to take minimum three times Ballet and PrePointe/ Pointe per week. 

* We reserve rights to cancel a scheduled class with enrollment of less than four students. We will add classes due to demand.

* Class size is strictly limited! To reserve a spot in a preferable class and day payments must be received.


* Does the student have any medical conditions we should beaware of?

* Please let us know of any pertinent information changes, so we can change  our records.  

* Please check the calendar that lists dates the school is closed and call the school if you are unsure ife are open due to inclement weather. 

* MFBS does not sent bills. The note of reminders for the due days will be put always on the board at the School, but clients are responsible for paying tuition in a timely manner.

* MFBS reserve the right to change teachers and class times if necessary.

* MFBS reserve the right to refuse classes to those delinquent in tuition or a disruption in class.

* There is NO tumbling, dancing, tapping or running outside the classroom! Please, control siblings and friends who are in the waiting area(lobby). The waiting area should always be quiet!

* Please help keep MFBS a clean, save environment by watching your children, and picking up and dropping off at the proper time!

*We are NOT responsible for children left unattended or asked to meet caretakers in the parking lot. Please, be responsible and meet your child!

Dress Code and Hygiene:

Students should wear clean and neat clothing while participating in group classes or taking private lessons. All students mus wear proper and correct attire, required shoes and hair,necessary for your class, see page"Placement in a suitable class". MFBS does enforce a dress code! Proper Attire is required of all students! NO exceptions! Color uniforms for Classocal Ballet depends on the class level. It is preferable to buy them at the School "Boutique for Dance and Sport Supplies and Gifts" to be identical with the other students in class. 



Ballet classes required specific outfits, which will enables teachers to correct easier technique, alignment and placement!

1. Girls: Ballet leotard, ballet slippers(ballet pink), girl's/women's tights (ballet pink), hair must be worn back of the face on ballet bun. Very short hair- on pony tail. It is recommended to let hair grow for ballet bun.

Each level wears a specific color leotard/skirt, such as

 Mommy and Me and Creat. Movement - Pink leotard and Pink skirt(fabric)(not Tu-Tu)

  Pre-Ballet Ballet(European) Pink Leotard and skirt(shifon)

  Beginner Ballet- White Leotard , white skirt

  Ballet 1 - White leotard , white skirt

  Ballet 2 - Light(Baby)Blue Leotard

  Ballet 3 - Purple Leotard

  Ballet 4 - Burgundy Leotard

  Ballet 5 - Black leotard

2. Boys: Ballet slippers(black or white), white fitted T-shirt(tucked in), black men's ballet tights, dance belt, white socks. If the hair is

long- on pony tail.

* Any other attire, such as: sport attire(soccer uniform, shorts,etc.) are not appropriate for ballet classes and nobody will be allowed in the class! NO EXCEPTIONS!

                                                              TAE KWON DO

 Girls and Boys wear the proper uniform ordered at MFBS! White T-shirt is allowed under the uniform.The classes required bare feet, NO shoes or socks in the class!


*At the school will be posted all memos, reminders and important  information on the bulletin board. Please call or e-mail if you need further information

* MFBS hopes that your child can build self esteem through dance(ballet) education in our caring environment. Dance should be an avenue for self-expression, training both the body and the mind!

* We photograph and videotape students in class and performances, and use these materials for advertising, promotional literature, and press releases. By enrolling your child and signing the registration form, you agree that your child’s picture/video may be taken and that you consent to the use of them for promotional purposes. 

 Good Manners and Etiquette:

* Students are asking to practice good manners at our school. All students are asked to refrain from using

inappropriate language at any time.

* Customers displaying disregard for the premises, loud or lewd

behavior or recurrent rudeness to others will be asked to leave without refund!

* Students found promoting any other dance school or studio will not be tolerated and at the very least, will be asked to leave.

* Promotion of any other businesses, dances, or articles that does not interfere with the business of

the school will be allowed, but must first be presented to the Director of MFBS

* Please, direct any questions regarding class placement to Ms. Ferdinandova   

* For further information, please call, e-mail or stop by the school(see page "Contact us")

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