Nice, beautiful and bright space: two rooms, waiting areas and lounge, dressing room, two bathrooms, boutique for dance and sport supplies, and more.

For all Levels and Ages: Children and Adults; Recreational, Pre-Professional and Professional

Ballet Room ​Tae Kwon Do Dojo  ​  Boutique for Dance  ​  Waiting

and Sport Supplies                                                                                                                 Area

MFBS operates from September through July with Summer regular and intensive program.    

We use very serious approach to teaching and pay close attention to the methods and techniques of performance by the students of each element. This is the only way to achieve results!

It is not just any Ballet Class 

When you register for ballet class be assured that it's not just basic ballet training! We proudly promote the Vaganova/Russian Method, a ballet technique and training system devised by the dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova.

Ballet is a High ART passed from teacher to students for generations! It has always been associated not only with grace, beauty and music, but also with strong discipline and devotion! Ballet training is essential to all other dance styles, its technical training is the basis of all dance movement!

Progressing through training levels 1 through 8 in the tradition of the famed State Vaganova Ballet Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia), students enrolled in the Year-round Program gain a solid foundation in today's Vaganova methodology. Students will enhance technical abilities and acquire an assured knowledge of the structured and logical teaching of the Vaganova technique.

Our Goal: More people to have bigger Respect for Ballet and understand, that it is much more than just putting a tutu, a crown and running on toes! Mastering Ballet is a life-long pursuit, in which every ballet-dancer must train daily for many years.

 For more information about Tae Kwon Do- Kukkiwon /Olympic Style please see "TAE KWON DO Division" page

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