MFBS program is designed as a full-year syllabus with three consecutive sessions: Fall, Winter and Spring

If the student has not enrolled at the beginning of the year, the tuition will be calculated from the day of the enrollment  

* Bring a friend- get 10% discount   
* Siblings - also 10% Discount!
* No Refunds after the second taken class(only for emergency reason, will be discussed with the Owner/Director!
* Payments more than one week past due will be charged a Late Fee of 10% of the total tuition!
* When make payment with a Credit Card/PayPal must be added 3% fee of the amount.
* We accept: cash, credit cards, checks made to "Ms. Ferdinandova's Ballet School". or "MFBS"
​                                                                PAYMENT OPTIONS

       Option 1: Payment in FULL     

        Option 2: ​2 Installment payment(equally) plan 

​      Option 3: ​3 Installment payment(equally) plan  

Reg. Fee is included in Full payment prices
 In options 2 & 3 Registration Fee of $25 will be included with the First Payment
All students are required to complete a registration form to enroll.

    We strongly recommend Option 1- Payment in Full, to save!

   Please see page " Policies and Procedures"


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