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                                        MFBS BIRTHDAY PARTY

Invite your friends to join the birthday challenge! MFBS would like to celebrate your birthday with a party just for you. Have your birthday with us and learn about the Ballet or Martial Arts birthday challenge. Children of all ages can enjoy a memorable birthday party.

Parties include full use of our facility with one hour of coaching, and games, fun and festivities will continue with an hour set aside for party food and birthday cake. It’s sure to be a long remembered, happy celebration.

                                                 TIME AND SPACE

Parties are scheduled on Saturday’s or Sunday's mornings. Dates and times must be reserved in advance. All parties are 2 hours in length.

                                                PARTY PACKAGE

For MFBS Children:                                                 For Non MFBS Children: 

$350.00 for 1-10 children.                                         $375 for 1-10 children

                                              Additional guests:        

11 and up $10.00 per person                                   11 and up $11.00 per person

$150.00 non-refundable deposit                              $175.00 non-refundable deposit


                                          This package includes:

                                  * Ballet /Tae Kwon Do lesson (Dance/TKD instructor)

                                  * Age appropriate games and activities

                                  * Invitations(by request, providing addresses)

                                  * Full Themed Decor, (disposable plates, cups, straws, utensils)

                                  * Pizza and Drinks(water and juice)

                                  * Music

                                  * Set up and Clean up

                                  * Goodie Bags

                                  * Videos and Pictures on Disc


All you have to bring is your Cake!

Additional decorations, supplies, food, drink boxes or bottled water may be brought in from the Birthday Child.

Invitations, with a waiver, are included in the package. Parents must sign and return the waiver prior to the party. All parents must sign the waiver for their child to participate in the birthday party.

We see that you have a special day approaching and all of us at MFBS would like to wish you a very happy birthday!

MFBS would like to celebrate your special day with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us at MFBS!

Schedule your party today!


* We accept: Cash, Cheks and Credit Cards

* It should be booked and pre-paid at least 1 week before the Party


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